The Content Multiplier


    The Content Multiplier System For Creating Money Magnets IS NOT an automated push button system that claims to do all of the work for you. You won't find any auto create tools, article spinners, auto blogging software or anything else that claims it will produce amazing results with little or no work on your part.


    The Content Multiplier System For Creating Money Magnets IS a proven comprehensive 90 day strategy for consistently creating 100% unique content, re-purposing that content into many different formats and then distributing that content to a wide variety of WEB 2.0 type properties. Consistent use of this strategy will create more listings, more traffic and more money for your online business.


    Now that we have that out of the way lets have a look at the overall strategy.


    The Money Magnets Strategy

    This example is a strategy for writing articles of between 600-1000 words with a keyword density of between 2-3% and structured in a way that makes the article easily re-purposed. Articles will include an intro paragraph...10 sub-titled paragraphs and a review paragraph.

    Create a schematic for your article.

    Step One
    Decide the overall topic of your article.

    Step Two
    Based on overall topic chosen decide what your main keyword (phrase) will be. Create a main title (no more than 100 characters) for your article using your main keyword (phrase) as close to the beginning as possible.

    Step Three
    Brainstorm 10 secondary keywords...these will become part of your sub-titles. This might take some research but will be time well spent.

    Step Four
    Expand on your secondary keywords (phrases) to create your sub-titles. Try to keep these to less than 100 characters.

    Step Five
    Using your favorite text editor create the main outline of your article based on the above criteria.


    It should look like this...



    Make sure and check back for Part Two coming soon...