The Content Multiplier Part 6


    Integrating Pinterest Into Posts


    Make sure to add a related image to each blog post you create from your article. Then after publishing make sure to pin that image to a keyword related board within your Pinterest account.


    There are several Wordpress plugins and Firefox Addons that will allow you you to pin directly from your blog. Doing so will attach your blog url to the image on Pinterest. The only other thing left to do is create a keyword rich description for your Pin.


    A good format to use when creating descriptions is to use the direct url to the content at the beginning... http://YOURCONTENTURL ...YOUR DESCRIPTION


    If you have a really long description you should consider 2 urls.


    Place the direct link to the blog post at the beginning and then the home page link to your blog at the end. I like to use … after the first url and before the start of the description and then again after the end of the description and the start of the second url.







    Autoresponder Series

    You can take your content re-purposing to a whole new level by using either your completed articles or individual blog posts as part of an autoresponder series.


    Maybe use the paragraph or two of you articles as the tease with a “Read the rest of the article here” link to get your subscribers to keep revisiting your blog.


    By using your existing content as part a responder drip you will have a full year of messages in a short amount of time.





    Submitting to Article Directories

    Submit the completed article to the recommended article directories making sure to use author resource areas that contain a link back to your website/blog.