The Content Multiplier Part 8

  • Create a PowerPoint Presentation Using Your Article



    You can do this by using either Microsoft Office or Open Office which is free here...


    These presentations do not need to be works of art. Black text on a white background will work but if you want to get a bit more creative you can find a good selection of free Powerpoint backgrounds and presentations here...


    Create an intro slide using the main title of your article at the top and your name/business name and website/blog url under that.


    Create 10 additional slides using your article sub-titles at the top of each slide in BOLD text and 3-4 bullet points taken from the original article text under that sub-title. At the bottom of each slide make sure to include your website/blog url in small text.


    Create an exit slide with a "Hope you enjoyed ..." type message making sure that your website/blog url is at the bottom along with any additional contact details you are comfortable sharing.


    Most of the document sharing sites from above also accept Powerpoint and Open Office slide type presentations so your next step is to go back to those and submit. Make sure to change up the title and description so it is different from the PDF document of the article submitted earlier.