The Content Multiplier Part 9

  • Creating a Video Using Your Article



    You can convert your PowerPoint or Open Office Presentation into a video by saving each of the slides into either ,gif, .jpg or .png format and import them into Windows Movie Maker. You will then be able to edit them again if desired, add an optional music background and convert to video.



    You can also use either Cam Studio or Animoto as alternative options for creating videos from slide type presentations.


    Once you have your video created you will want to submit to the video sharing websites. Create accounts with the following video sharing websites below making sure to fill out the profile areas as much as possible...this again is important for branding reasons.


    Several of the video sharing websites allow you to integrate with Facebook, Twitter etc so make sure and take advantage of those opportunities.


    Same type strategy applies with the video sharing websites as we used with the document sharing websites as it relates to using different keywords (phrases) and descriptions and making sure to use your website/blog url at the beginning of your description.



    ** Some of the document sharing sites also accept videos so make sure to post to those as well. Some like Slideshare will also convert your slide presentation to video format.