Day 6 of The Natural Cures Movement Summit

  • Day 6 of the Natural Cures Movement Summit was jam-packed full of experts providing great information, tips, and examples on a wide range of health topics.

    Judy Seeger's 30 plus years of experience with detoxification and cleansing truly came out in her presentation. Not only did she start with her own story and how it helped shape her future, but she got down to basics of Detox 101 and pre-cleansing one's body. She discussed sources and symptoms of toxicity as well as what can be done to combat it on a daily basis in a practical and gentler way, rather than putting the body through a 3-day detoxification that can really be hard and even dangerous. Staring with food first, Judy relates the great benefits of a simple water and fresh lemon start to your day as well as adding a beat or a carrot a day plus those dark, leafy vegetables to your diet.
    Detoxing your colon and detoxifying your liver are different and should be dealt with as such. So, Judy went through both ways of doing that. For those with their gallbladders removed, she discusses safe and simple ways to flush and cleanse. What about a coffee enema? Yes, Judy discusses the benefits of it from the other end! So much great information in just this one discussion. WOW!

    Serene and Pearl, sisters who wrote the book and have the website Trim Healthy Mama, were so interesting, informative, and entertaining. Loved them! They discussed what they have put themselves through, how they just survived
    some of it, and how they have stayed closer than ever while being very different in their personalities and ways of doing things. You get a real sense of their passion, compassion, spirit, faith and devotion that they have for themselves, their families, and their many fans and followers. They discussed a more balanced approach to including all the food groups, balancing blood sugar and insulin levels, not low-carb, and having grains too. They talked about how food anxiety can lead to imbalances and obsessions that do not serve us well. Taking baby steps in finding that balance that works for you is key. Serene and Pearl went into some further detail about this and offer great diest tips that you can tailor to your budget and what works for you. 

    Jenny McGruther discussed the benefits ealing with the GAPS Diet (supports digestive healing following the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet created by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride). She explained the GAPS diet and why it
    works. Further, she talked about how the GAPS diet heals the brain and gut. And what is so helpful to Secrets to those that follow or want to follow the GAPS diet, she provides numerous recipes which are delicious and easy to make.

    The inclusion of Charles Majors, DC is remarkable after you here is personal story. He is absolutely focused on helping others to have a better understanding of a disease that is so pervasive in our society today. It was hard to keep up with Dr. Majors as he delivered a vast amount of information about cancer, how it works, the many causes, adaptations of it, and how you can stop making cancer. That's right, you can do that and he explains how it is possible. Food matters for any of us and when one is dealing with any form of cancer, the type of food that you put in your body matters greatly. Dr. Majors went into great detail about what you should and shouldn't put in your body as you fight the fight of a lifetime, including minimizing sugar and bad fats as well as understanding the stark realities of large-scale meat production. He also talked about the herbs and supplements that help to kill cancer cells and how nutritious shakes and juicing can be of great benefit to you also. The Budwig Protocol, supplements and enzyme therapy are all discussed. Dr. Majors believes that being diagnosed with cancer and what you do about it is a mind game. You can see it as the end ot the beginning. Because he chose the latter, he is still with us, still fighting, and helping many others to do the same.

    Peter Osborne, DC discussed metabolism cures and how hormones and digestion effect weight loss. He also shared the biggest exercise mistakes 90% of people are making on a daily basis. We all have nutrient deficiencies that must be cured to lose body fat and Dr. Osborne discusses it in great detail as well.

    Whether you can watch one, more or all of the presentations from the Natural Cures Movement Summit you will gain so much more knowledge and understanding that you currently have on just about any kind of disease or condition than you can think of or know someone to be suffering from.

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