...how old are you.. Grandma??

  • ...How old are you, Grandma??  

    A short but true story of a few years past.

    My mother was babysitting my brothers two children as his wife was in hospital.

    The eldest one, Brad, who was 3 at that time “escaped” and was subsequently "captured" by the police in the local shopping centre.

    Needless to say there were some very anxious moments experienced by the “babysitter”.

    When the runaway was returned home and peace had prevailed once again Grandma decided to have a serious conversation with Brad.

    It went something like this...

    Grandma – “Brad you must never do something like that again. I was very worried and Grandma is too old to have tricks like that played on her.”

    Brad - “How old are you Grandma?”

    Grandma - “Never mind, just remember Grandma is too old to have to chase around trying to find you when you play silly pranks like that.”

    In the most innocent and inquisitive voice Brad asks- “....are you too old... to know... how old you are Grandma?”

    Conversation closed.