Take one day at a time

  • You know in life we should only take 1 day at a time.

    Have you ever made plans and then WOW! it's not going according to what you planned out.

    I have been one of those!!

    And because i have made so many plans in my life and they didn't go according to ME .....I started to see them as a failure...So i started to become anxious to the point that i felt like i didn't have much of a future .

    Well after a few years of hitting rock bottom and isolating myself ......Something in my heart was saying "just take 1 day at a time, Don't worry for tomorrow " I started to rise up out of the SELF thing, and now i just remind myself about that!

    And this picture is so special to me as it reminnds me of my life i see some of the road but not over yonder!!

    And the road is pleasant ...Surounded by tall Trees and the brightness of the Sun & leaves brings joy .....And we do walk joy and gladness.