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  • Posted: December 3, 2014
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  • Location: Harmony RI   
  • Description: ...Dogs in Harmony bakery is dedicated to providing your favorite canine friends with fresh baked, healthy and delicious organic treats. Our treats are made with high quality organic and all natural human grade ingredients (if we would not eat it, we do not use it!). We purchase the majority of our supplies, including organic flours, right here in Rhode Island at Whole Foods Market. We purchase our aromatic and delicious honey from a local beekeeper. Whenever possible we strive to “buy local” so that we can be assured of the origin and quality of our ingredients. We are also committed to supporting other small local businesses. When it is not possible to find an item locally we research the best available options and purchase from organic growers in the USA. Dogs in Harmony treats do not contain any added salt, sugar, fillers, artificial coloring, or chemical preservatives. We have a variety of low fat treats as well as a sugar-sensitive treat for diabetic dogs. We bake our treats in small batches and hand cut each one to ensure homemade goodness in every bite! Since our treats do not contain preservatives we do not store any inventory. We bake each batch to order and ship them to you via Priority Mail so you can be assured of their quality and freshness.

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  • Lauren Vines
    Lauren Vines Mike, I love this business page linking to yet another brick and mortar business. Great to see products available for 'Man's best friend' that take their health and happiness into consideration. Great Post.
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