What is LIFE?

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    LIFE - The Antidote to Modern Food
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    LIFE is based on a collection of wild foods from the world's longest living culture; the Australian Aborigines. We combine 13 of these wild foods with some wild harvested acai and a range of other conventional fruits which are still exceptional sources of antioxidants.


    The result is a nutritional cocktail with a powerful, synergistically interactive antioxidant cascade. This potentiates or amplifies the effects of any one antioxidant improving the results you can expect from our whole food drink.


    Simply try LIFE for a month and see if you notice any difference to your health, energy, vitality and overall well being. Make up a convenient concentrate by adding 5 scoopfuls (50g) to 500ml of water or use a fruit juice if you prefer a sweeter drink to start. You will find that as your carbohydrate cravings are curtailed, you will lose your taste drive for sweetness so use water once this benefit kicks in.


    Which ever liquid you choose, add it and give it a good shake and stir before storing the mix in your refrigerator.


    Take a tablespoonful morning and night each day for the next 10 days before making up another batch. At less than $4.00 a day it's cheaper than a large coffee, way more interesting than those synthetic multivitamin tablets and is infinitely better for you.


    To purchase the LIFE product log into your Nucleus Project Members Area - Click on "Merchandise" and choose the "Purchase" option. Click HERE to login.

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