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    Paradise Nutrients
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    Paradise Nutrients is a Queensland based business located in the beautiful Lockyer Valley, about one hour drive west of Brisbane, Australia. 
    The Lockyer Valley is known as the fourth most nutrient rich valley in the world. Graham Ellem, as a farmer in the early 1990s, was trying to manage a sheep and cattle property through a severe drought. As with all droughts there was heart ache and desperation in trying to keep animals alive with just a little feed. It wasn’t until Graham introduced a range of plant based, colloidal clay and basalt minerals to the animals that he saw some positive signs in the animal’s health. As a result of this positive experience Graham dedicated himself to get involved to research and study mineral nutrition. After years of research, and experience in mineral nutrition, Graham found that he was able to rectify many nutrient imbalances that confront our society today. In recent years, by applying mineral nutrition to his own life, he has overcome some of his own health issues. 
    It is this experience and dedication that forms the very basis of Paradise Nutrients and the business that it is today. At Paradise Nutrients we focus on products with high mineral availability and we source plant derived mineral resources from exotic places around the world to develop mineral rich products. Our plant derived minerals come from pristine mineral rich valleys where the plants are either harvested from the wild and are naturally organic or they are from certified organic farms that have a world’s best practice in organic product. Minerals that come from a plant are by far the most bio available source of minerals outside of the food chain. They have been assimilated or digested by the plant through photo synthesis which turns them into quick acting water soluble colloidal minerals. 
    Paradise Nutrients is a modern day business with an exciting and exclusive range of products that are packed with mineral nutrition for the general well being of humans, plants and animals. Our products are offered through a state of the art MLM leverage marketing system where hard work is rewarded through fairness. 
    Paradise Nutrients invites you to become a part of this great business and experience for yourself our products, opportunities and marketing system. This may just change your life! 

    Our Mission

    Our mission in today's modern world is to bring age old products and modern technologies together and through business, innovation and research focus on a better outcome for the health of each other, our environment, our pets and other animals. To build a multinational business that recognises and rewards hard work and offers opportunity for those willing to put in a little extra effort. 
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    Australia, Queensland, Lake Clarendon
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