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  • New credit earning option and MORE!

    Posted Jul 26 by Mike Silva

    You can now earn 100 Get Paid To Socialize Credits while at the same time promote your TNP referral link!   As I stated in an earlier update we have recently added a blog/article section to the main TNP website...   This allows us to add article ...

  • An Australian restaurant drenches burgers in cheese fondue

    Posted Jun 8 by Mike Silva

    I had to post this video inside a blog post... definitely worth watching if you enjoy extreme burgers!


    Posted May 30 by Jeanne Caccia-Silva

    To get started on your journey towards mastering the skill of positive thinking, you need to get rid of all traces of doubt and negative thinking as soon as possible.   If you continue doubting yourself, you’re never going to amount to anything in life. You’ll probably end up li...

  • Habits That Can Ruin Your Health Part 1

    Posted Apr 27 by Jeanne Caccia-Silva

    Being healthy doesn’t need to be the chore you think it does. It all comes down to the basics of eating right, sleeping well, and regularly exercising. Okay, it may be easier said than done, but that is essentially the trifecta when it comes to health and wellness.   Here’s the th...

  • About Food Addiction Part 1

    Posted Apr 27 by Jeanne Caccia-Silva

    Many or most people, regardless of their weight, can expound theories and facts regarding weight loss but few will address it as possible food addiction. Experts abound, yet obesity weights continue to soar. It is one thing to understand the theory of maintaining a healthy weight, but another to ful...

  • Focus for Better Productivity Part 1

    Posted Apr 27 by Jeanne Caccia-Silva

    Increase Your Focus for Better Productivity In our lives today, we are busier than ever before. We think technology has streamlined many tasks and increased our productivity, but instead we are given more tools that give us more and more to do with less time to do it. We are stressed and overwhelme...

  • Why Is Momentum So Important?

    Posted Jan 27 by Jeanne Caccia-Silva

    Now, you might be wondering why is it so important that I get my first highest priority thing done first? Why can't I put it off to a bit later once my day is going and I'm caffeinated and I've got my phone calls out of the way? This is why. What we're talking about is the power of momentum. Mome...

  • TNP Academy Revenue Sharing Project

    Posted Jan 2 by Mike Silva

    Welcome To The TNP Academy Revenue Sharing Project Quality Online Business, Internet and Social Media Marketing Training The TNP Academy Revenue Sharing Project is a unique opportunity that will allow you to share in the profits of TNP Academy sales as we kick off a major marketing push during 201...

  • Worrying Affects Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

    Posted November 26, 2017 by Jeanne Caccia-Silva

    Are you one of those people who worry a lot? Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night, unable to sleep, wondering how you are going to pay the bills, pass that exam, or even just get through the next day, with all those things that are on your to-do list? How do you feel when you worry abo...